Welcome to iQ DISCOUNT Electrical & Lighting Wholesales.

Since our inception in 2008, iQ DISCOUNT Electrical & Lighting has prided itself on delivering the highest quality & best value to our customers.

This philosophy has helped us grow in a very competitive market, providing a wide quality range of electrical products and accessories throughout South Africa and neighbouring African countries. As many of our customers have come to know, iQ DISCOUNT Electrical offers not only a diverse range of high quality products, but also convenient cost effective solutions that will help look after your pocket.

We are your local hometown connection, with the complete backing of all our major distributors, ensuring you not only receive the best service, but the BEST prices at ALL TIMES.

Our diverse range includes the following, but is not limited to:

  • Lamps/Globes
    • LED Lamps as well as LED Striplights
    • Fluorescent Tubing/Lamps
    • Metal Halide Lamps
    • High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lamps
    • 12V Downlighter Lamps
    • Incandescent Lamps
    • UV Tubes ENERGY SAVERS, etc.

  • Fittings
    • Decorative Lighting/Fittings
    • Open Channel Fluorescents Fittings, Waterproof/Dustproof/Flameproof Fluorescent Fittings & Bulkheads
    • Down-Lighter Fittings
    • Wall Lights/Fittings
    • Under-Counter Lightings
    • Floodlights, Spot Lights, etc.

  • Switches:
    • Light Switches
    • Wall Plugs a.k.a Switch Socket Outlets (SSO)
    • On/Off Dimmer Switches
    • Rotary Turn-style Dimmers
    • Intermediate & Isolator Switches
    • Limit Switches
    • Toggle Switches
    • Fireman Switches
    • Outdoor Waterproof Light & Plug Switches as well as Flameproof Switches
    • Motion Sensor Switches
    • Foot Switches
    • Shaver Sockets
    • Geyser Switches, etc.

  • Cables/Wire
    • General Purpose Cable (GP)
    • Cabtyre (Extension Cable)
    • Flat Twin + E Cable
    • Round Norsk Cable
    • Armoured Cable
    • Ripcord
    • Speaker Wire
    • Panel Wire
    • Silicone Cable
    • Submersible Cable
    • Flex Cable
    • PVC Welding Cable
    • Bare Copper Earth Wire
    • Airdac Cable
    • Trailing Cable, etc.

  • Tubing & Channels:
    • PVC Conduit
    • Steel/Bosal Conduit
    • Power-Skirting
    • PVC Ega Tubing
    • Flexible Tubing
    • Cable Trays, etc.

  • Enclosures/Boxes:
    • Wall Boxes
    • Extension Boxes
    • Distribution Boards
    • PVC York Boxes/Enclosures
    • Slab Boxes, etc.

  • Switch Gear:
    • Circuit Breakers
    • Isolators
    • Earth-Leakages
    • Contactors, Overloads
    • Surge/Lightning Arrestors & many more…

iQ DISCOUNT Electrical provides outstanding service to ALL our customers, no matter how large or small the purchase or the account may be.

Simply call, e-mail or stop by to find out how we can help or benefit you.

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